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As above. So Below. The body mirrors issues within the mind. Feeling Whole brings the client to look. Use this link to see a directory of counseling services with Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP.

Counseling for adults can involve short or long term therapy, depending on the goals and needs of the client.

Short term counseling is solution oriented and works on solving immediate needs. It involves the counselor taking a direct, active role in focusing on a single key area of concern in the client's functioning for personal growth.

Therapy over an extended time is focused on integrating various facets of personality into a unified whole.

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There are many useful approaches using both traditional and alternative therapies which connect us to our own deep nature.

The body mirrors the issues requiring healing. Holistic counseling requires a variety of approaches. The keys to healing can be found within the mind or the body. Mind/body approaches are client centered and involve the participant connecting to the conscious and unconscious processes underlying a problem. The approach can often involves awareness of what is going on in the body. This focus on the body and its emotional correlate is called body work.

Mind Body Therapies are holistic. So interconnected is the mind and body in healing that one can be used to heal the other. There are many various types of therapies.

The relationship between mind and body is circular and reciprocal. The body has its own wisdom which is integrally connected to the mind. There are many
holistic therapies.   Some directly use the subconscious mind while others do not.

A holistic systems therapy approach
Health and healing with a perspective on relationship and transition.

Emotional relief from a problem can be rapid when integrating a holistic approach.

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Advanced clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful modality which can be integrated with personal and professional work for holistic health.

Follow this link for information on clinical hypnotherapy.

The subconscious mind can be accessed in support of healing in the connection between mind and body.
Developing awareness involves becoming aware of how the subconscious mind works.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, BC-TMH, CEAP serves many types of clients. She integrates various modalities into her counseling work.

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Often healing will reveal seemingly unrelated patterns stemming from the same source. We tend to constellate situations around a particular issue or feeling, and this becomes a blockage of energy, where emotion is stuck. This is when body work is appropriate and useful. By focusing attention on the feelings in the body, we can release frozen emotional energy and  experience more freedom.


We can address various personal and relationship issues, by targeting what needs to emerge or be healed. We then carefully set appropriate goals based on symptoms. This allows us to heal safely in our own time.  We also learn how to access our own inner wisdom. This often is needed at a time of crisis or change.

Transition is a time when we seek to make meaning out of change or lack of it. Sometimes transition can be very difficult and frightening.  Often we need a guide, who can assist in the transformative aspect by connecting us to our essential self, to the deep feelings stirring within us. We can learn to access and relate to our inner experiences making it a tool for change.

Many approaches can be useful to embracing an authentic life of happiness. Looking at our essential skills, learning the gifts within the wounds of the heart can promote wholeness, a stepping stone to a fuller life. Some yearn for deep inner connection and  want to navigate through life's journey in progress. Whatever the motivation, the process becomes how we build the roads for the journey that has begun, interpreting the sign posts along the way.

Healing the inner self is personal but often heals relationship. We can also use relationship to heal the inner self. Learning to communicate over issues which unconsciously affect relationship functioning can heal a family's system of relationship.




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Family Connection Web offers a client centered means to a healthy system of relationship dynamics, help with communication problems, hope with educated parenting, overcoming negative relationship history, bridging extended families, healing divorce issues, blending families, and specialized work for children with social issues and those who are depressed and anxious.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP is a holistic psychotherapist in private practice in the Seattle, WA area. Her clinical services integrate many modlaites and therpaeutic techniques on behalf of the client's needs and interest. She draws on 30 years of interative study and 17 years of clinical experience as mental helth counselor. Susan alos integrates 20 years prior experience as an educator. See more about this practice which she makes safe and client centered by following the link.

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