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Decide if coaching or counseling is right for you.

Coaching is effective for discovering life purpose. It can guide in the exploration of life and career to arrive at clarity and intent in life purpose, career goals, and relationships.

Short and long term programs are directed to specific goals. Find out more about profiling for career and life transition at My Life Mastery. Find out more about Tools for Transition. Learn how the mind and body can work cooperatively for change with holistic wellness. Here is more about counseling.

Feeling Whole

Counseling Services

A holistic systems therapy approach
Health and healing with a perspective on relationship and transition.

Counseling Services

Family Connection Web offers a client centered means to a healthy system of relationship dynamics, help with communication problems, hope with educated parenting, overcoming negative relationship history, bridging extended families, healing divorce issues, blending families, and specialized work for children with social issues and those who are depressed and anxious.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP is a licensed mental health counselor and clinical  hypnotherapist in the Bellevue, Seattle area. Click here for moe  info.

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