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Life Mastery is a path to wellness--a quality life that is lived with self esteem, grace , and passion.

Are you ready to discover the path to living life freely, finding an ideal direction, and living a fulfilled life?

Find personal and practical tools for living a life "on purpose."

Discover your way with your objective tools combined with your own deep knowing which you can easily access.

Integrative Career Community
Using Process and Precision to Define Meaningful Work
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Life mastery is the path to wellness. Find out more.

Holistic Body/Mind Approach

Find clarify and focusing tools:

Personal Integration

Career Transition

Authentic Relationship

Increase Effectiveness

bullet Live a life of passion.
bullet Transform yourself.
bullet Find your inner resources.
bullet Release your emotional baggage.
bullet Find purpose.
bullet Gain strategies for positive results.
bullet Lift your sense of self limitation.
bullet Apply clarity, focus, intention.
bullet Use obstacles as resources.

Life Choices


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Personal Profiling

Profile Description

Relationship Counseling

What is Health?



Transition Tools

Know and live your heart's desire to fullest capacity. Lift your sense of limitation by removing limitations.

Get clear on what works and does not work for you consciously and unconsciously.

Know how to use attention and intention, find truth, and apply the right life skills to becoming more of who you really are.
Given the skills you now own, you can design a life that works for you. Craft a life of passion and authenticity while discovering what blocks you from living it.

Advanced clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful modality which can be integrated with personal and professional work for holistic health.
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Mind Body Therapies are holistic. So interconnected is the mind and body in healing that one can be used to heal the other. There are many various types of therapies.

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Empower yourself with taking the path to living your potential & transform what stops you.

Life Mastery means knowing who you are and fine tuning your skills for a full life.

There is freedom in getting to who you are and expressing it.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC

Find out how to quickly master your life for clarity, self esteem and enhanced relationships.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Find out more about the Life Mastery process.

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Life Mastery


Transition Tools

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