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Wholeness is Wellness.This section brings you information on healing for wellness. Click the link to find oout more about integrating all these modalities for a life shaped with attention and intention.

There are many modalities that can be used in holistic psychotherapy. Each category above could list diverse methodologies, techniques and applications. In other words, each field opens to many disciplines, each which can be studied at depth singularly. But the body and mind together work like a hologram so that what happens in one cell is a mirror for what happens in the rest of the body in an integral way. By working at any level, cellular, neurological, physiological, physical, or mental with the awareness of the integral nature of all these systems, healing can be influenced through any of these systems using various modalities.

A skilled, trained practitioner can integrate these various methods within these fields in a holistic artful way which serves the client. An example of this is somatic work, or working with the felt sense of the body. There are many areas of psychology which serve to get the client in touch with the felt sense to engage it skillfully for deep, permanent healing. This can be accomplished through various types of body work, movement, subconscious field work, or mental attention. The client can learn to access the body's wisdom, to balance the flow of mental and physical energy, and to bring it all into relationship.
Holistic Psychotherapy with Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP serves to work with the client to serve wellness at all levels.

Feeling whole is feeling engaged with life. It is having a relationship with our thoughts and emotions, being able to access our inner knowing, learning from the wisdom of the body, and using the personal tools we have gathered through this journey of life. Feeling whole is what happens with personal integration, the result of exploration into our deepest, truest selves. All life moves us forward in the direction of well-being.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP is a holistic psychotherapist in private practice in the Seattle, WA area. Her clinical services integrate many modlaites and therpaeutic techniques on behalf of the client's needs and interest. She draws on 30 years of interative study and 17 years of clinical experience as mental helth counselor. Susan alos integrates 20 years prior experience as an educator. See more about this practice which she makes safe and client centered by following the link.

We can resist it or we can actively work with it. We offer you processes to unfold to well-being. The renowned psychologist Eric Fromm speaks on  well-being. Well-being develops knowing how to tap personal potential in the midst of allowing things to be.

"Well-being is the state of having arrived at the full development of reason: reason not in the sense of a merely intellectual judgment, but in that of grasping truth by "letting things be" (to use Heidegger's term) as they are.





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Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP integrates many modalities into her work as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist.

See also a description of a variety of counseling services and coaching tools can help with the process of transition and life goals.

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Well-being is possible only to the degree to which one has overcome one's own narcissism; to the degree to which one is open, responsive, sensitive, awake, empty (in the zen sense). Well being means to be full related to man and nature affectively, to overcome separateness and alienation, to arrive at the experience of oneness with all that exists--and yet to experience myself at the same time as the separate entity that I am, as the in-dividual.

Well-being means to be fully born to become what one potentially is; it means to have the full capacity for joy and for sadness , or to put it differently, to awake form the half-slumber the average man lives in, and to be fully awake. If it is all that, it means also to be creative; that is, to react and to respond as the real, total man I am to the reality of everybody and everything as it is.

In this act of true response lives the area of creativity, of seeing the world as it is and experiencing it as my world, the world created and transformed by my creative grab of it, so that the world ceases to be a strange world "over there" and becomes my world.

Well-being means, finally, to drop one's ego. to give up greed, to cease chasing after the preservation and the aggrandizement of the ego, to be and to experience oneself in the act of being, not in having, preserving, coveting, using."

Eric Fromm
The Nature of Well-Being
Awakening The Heart East west Approaches to psychotherapy and the healing relationship.

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See also a description of a variety of counseling services and coaching tools can help with the process of transition and life goals.

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NCC, CEAP is a licensed mental health counselor and clinical  hypnotherapist in the Bellevue, Seattle area. Click here for moe  info.

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